Francesca Savoia


Client Information

Venue Address:
Is parking near venue provided?
Date, Day and Time of event:
Client phone number:
Client email:


Fees for event: TBD
How it is to be paid: At the time of the event, cash or check made out to Francesca Savoia
Over-time fee: If for any reason your event/wedding is running late, I charge $50 for every 30 minutes extra that it can be arranged at the time of service IF I am available to stay

Harp/Harpist Details

Break Times - 10 minutes per hour for background music two hours or longer
Event Attire: All black formal or semi-formal. Please let me know if you have another color preference for your event and I will do my best to meet your needs.

Outdoor events:
Hard Surface: In the case of outdoor events, a 5 ft x 5 ft solid flat level surface must be provided.
Shaded Area: The harp is to be shaded always and out of the direct sunlight. (If necessary, the client needs to provide a large umbrella).
Rain Policy: In case of rain, the decision not to play outside due to inclement weather is solely up to my discretion.
Temperature Policy: My harp is very sensitive to warm and cold temperatures and can only be outside in temperatures between 60 and 85 F. By agreeing to this contract, if the temperature is above or below this temperature range, it is up to my discretion to decide on whether my harp can be outside, or an indoor option can be arranged.

Cancellation Policy
In the case of date change or cancellation by the client with less than 2 weeks’ notice prior to event date, 50% of agreed upon rate must be paid.

In the very rare case I would be unable to play, I am responsible to find a suitable replacement to fulfill the contractual obligations. If I am unable to find a substitute, any money deposits made will be returned.